what is considered brain food for children?!

Question: What is considered brain food for children?
i need a list of brain food for children that to them is fun... i have a few things down like peanut butter and jelly, i also have fruit salad and then thats where my list stops... i mean there has to be something else rightt please if anyone has ideas please give them to me


make whole wheat pancakes that are shaped as animals and sugar free syrup and make a game out of your food like apples or make a strawberry and banana smoothie (freeze the strawberries so you wont have to use ice an make it watery and no sugar) pretend their carrots and army men and have to save the people (peanut butter)

hope this help's!!!

AMAZING!Good luck! http://boxee.info/122705/fruit-salad



Fish is the original brain food for kids. Carrots too but they are more for your eyes.

Fish or fish oil, cod liver oil or K......fish> Sorry I forgot the name of the fish'


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