what should you eat when you have the flu?!

Question: What should you eat when you have the flu?
I have the flu and i dont know what to do and i threw up so i have to be careful so i dont puke again so yeah i really need help


Until you stop puking or haven't puked for a while, you should stick to nothing or clear pop such as 7 Up, Sprite, or Sierra Mist. After you haven't puked you should stick to small amounts of food. Popsicles, rice, bananas, applesauce, and toast with just a little bit of topping, if any, are also okay. Hope you feel better!

Just go lightly with some white steamed rice and add no more that a little teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and possibly no salt.
When you feel better you can add half a banana and white meat (chicken breast steam cooked)
Grated apple is also ok.
Avoid Eggs, alcohol and cheese and yogurt.


Have someone get you a bottle of 7Up or Sprite. Have them pour it in a cup and stir it until it's flat. Cause if it's still has bubbles coming up and you drink you'll puke it up. And overall, you shouldn't eat anything. You'll just puke it back up.

Walgreen Pharmacy. When my bro had it.

drink hot soup and eat vegetables & fruits..

Chicken broth

chicken soup, toast.. tea, water

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