Question about food stamps?!

Question: Question about food stamps?
So my dad is getting married in september and he is looking into buying a new house. Well he doesn't want to sell the house that he has now until the market goes up. He wants to rent it out to my boyfriend and I. We only have to pay utilities but with minimum wage part time jobs even that will be hard. I'm already looking into getting a second job.
What I was wondering was that could I get food stamps before we move into the house just to be prepared or do I have to wait until I'm actually living here?


Where are you living now? With parents? If so, then yes you have to wait until you are living on your own to apply for food stamps, otherwise they will take your parents income into consideration. To be approved for food stamps you have to provide your income and any expenses that you have. If you aren't paying any rent you may not get very much :(

You can apply any time, once you're approved for food stamps you're good to go for a year and it doesn't matter if your shelter expenses change, you don't have to report it until your re certification period.
If you don't have any shelter expenses at this moment it'll affect your food stamps, meaning you'll get less $, if you wait until you do have expenses you'll get more.

you cannot apply for food stamps in anticipation because part of the application involves showing reciepts for the bills you've paid and if you haven't paid any yet.....

EDIT: Just me is wrong. In many states, you have to report every 3 months, not just once a year.
In some states you have to report income or changes over a certain amount when they occur.
In some states you have to report income and changes monthly.

Ask your families for some help with the food money. You cannot apply right now because you have to provide all income of everyone in your household. And you will be denied because obviously your Dad has enough income to own two homes and let you live there rent free.

Of course money is tight when you first move out. That is the point. You learn to budget and learn you don't like eating Ramen all the time. So, then you do what you can to get a better job.

I don't understand people who think the rest of us should help them leave their parents home. Food stamps are not for spoiled people with a free house to live in. There are for poor families with real bills to pay. You are living in a fantasy version of being an adult.

apply and see what happens.

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