Do you like chocolate after it's been in the fridge?!

Question: Do you like chocolate after it's been in the fridge?
I think it ruins it!! i don't want it melted, just room temperature!! lol but my mum hates it unless it's like a brick! what do you think?


I love it the same exact way you love it. It ruins it if it's so cold, you can't get any of the flavor out! So, I perfectly agree with you.

I pretty much agree with you. When you put your chocolate into the fridge it usually turns into a brick after a couple of hours and becomes untasty, so If I had to eat one that's been in the fridge for hours, I'd rather throw it into a bin.

Life experience

I don't like it in the fridge but usually so it doesn't melt I put it in the fridge and then I let it sit out for 15 minutes and then I eat it. But I agree, I hate hard chocolate, but I also hate melted chocolate.

i love it room temperature aswell, slightly soft even , once it's been in the fridge its tasteless you have to leave it out a bit :)

im like you. i like my chocolate room temperature to where it melts in your mouth. cold chocolate doesnt melt in your mouth

No I hate it when it has been the fridge. I like my chocolate kind of melted actually.

I don't like chocolate out of the fridge it is too cold and hard.

I dont really mind chocolate after it was in the fridge. just let it sit out for a while

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