What is the most nasty type of gum?!

Question: What is the most nasty type of gum?
I think that Stride mystery gum is disgusting. I also hate the Extra dessert delights, I was very dissapointed because I love mint chip ice cream, and I also love mint gum, but the Extra gum for it tasted like pure chocolate.
What gum do you hate?


The one you step on in the movie theatre, and you can't get it off your shoe. Or even worse if you stick your hand into it under the chair.

I think the Stride Shift gum is disgusting...you know, the kind that shifts from fruit to mint? Okay, it sounds cool, but in the middle of the transition, you can taste a weird combination of both fruit AND mint. It's not very yummy.

I strongly despise cinnamon gum with every ounce of my body.

I HATE juicy fruit . One time the humidity (when I was outside) it was so hot the gum melted in my mouth and tasted like wax :/ it was horrible !

uck.. big red or juicy juice... big red i hate the flavor and juicy juice has lack of flavor for me...

gum chewer myself

cinnamon gum

big red disgusting i dont know how people like it

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