How to feel full enough to sleep?!

Question: How to feel full enough to sleep?
I'm feeling kind of hungry but it's too late to eat right now. How can I get rid of the hunger so I can sleep?


I used to get that! Now I drink water, like 2 huge jugs of it. yes I have to get up 4 hours later, but I go right back to sleep :)

A good state of mental well

Good state of mental well strengthening the immune system

Mental day

Allows you to not have so much time boring you can lose weight.

just forget about food and listen to smooth relaxing music and in no time your going to fall asleep and also drink a glass of milk so at least you put something in your tummy ... goood luck .. and goodnight biie :)


I like to have a little snack when food is set in my mind.
I have had a small ice-cream, about a scoop.

try eating 1 Nissin cup soup, only the noodle they are small and filling... then after I go to sleep.

I suggest you eat something to get rid of hunger.

Drink a glass of milk (thicker than water) or try drinking something hot.

Have a small snack, you just need to get it off your mind. Cut a couple of slices of cheese.
(works for me)

Make a bowl of oatmeal/ or a rich smoothie in the blender.
Fresh/Healthy and relaxing
good nite

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