I'm hungry and theres no food, suggestions please?!

Question: I'm hungry and theres no food, suggestions please?
Hi, Im hungry and theres no food that i can eat in the house untill my mum gets back at 6 becoz shes at work then after shes going shopping but she aint been shopping for 2 weeks bcoz shes been really busy but i havent ate nothing today and all there is in the house is, pepper salt cooking oil vinegar and a load of useless stuff like that, and please dont tell me to drink water i dont want it! Most shops are far away from my house but there is a newsagent near by where i could get something, but there really expensive and over priced in there and i only have like £2 coz my mum got the rest of my money with her at the moment and they sell hardly any good stuff in the newsagents... so what should i get??? thanks much appreciated x


something high in sugars, like a mars bar or something! and i know you dont want it but drink water, it's a natural filler and makes you feel full :L x

Rice and beans are cheap and filling, a large portion of the world is dependent on these as daily dietary staples.
Eggs and some bread. You can do a lot with eggs and they are cheap.
Packet of Oatmeal or Porridge.
Go to a neighbor and ask for something to eat and you'll do something around the house in return.
And I understand, you don't want to hear it but drink water because it helps with keeping your tummy thinking it's full.

if u have some potatoes than boil them or u can make fries too...

thats what i do...

Buy milk, bread and beans. Filling and good for you.

my brain

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