I NEED HELP?????????????????/?!

Question: I NEED HELP?????????????????/?
Hello everyone (:

I was at a Friends house today and we were all drinking including a 14 year old teenager (i am 23). I know its wrong but he's not my kid and i was a guest so i kept quiet. I was wondering if someone in the neighborhood could have whipped out a video cam and start recording him and then hand it in to the police. I do have paranoia so is this just a perfect example of my paranoia or is this logical.


i dont think anyone took out a camera and recorded but the i am sure the child will tell people that he was able to drank with yall maybe you shouldnt hang there anymore

personal experience

leave ,dont go there ,you are condoning that action of the 14 yr old by not saying anything, here in aust we have strict laws for under age drinkers. we have an anonomous hot line . dob them in . let the police do their job.

The person supplying the alcohol would be getting in trouble.

Who the heck lets a 14 yr old little boy drink alcohol. I agree with Hailey. Adults should know better and you should've said something about it. Where are his parents?

wana make a pov ?? email me if so ;)

dtf if ur a chick?

ok i will

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