I've just drunk 2 pints of orange juices 8 months after the use by date.?!

Question: I've just drunk 2 pints of orange juices 8 months after the use by date.?
Was a total accident, thought it was the new carton and was actually the really old one. Has been open for the last eight months and I just drank 2 and a half pints of the stuff... Does anyone know what happens to orange juice when it goes off and am I going to die?


OH MY GOSH YOU MUST HURRY!! You will die in 62 minutes and 38 seconds if you do not follow these instructions!! First, you must place a turtle on your head while eating pizza. When the turtle jumps off, run to the nearest store and purchase a 64-pack of crayons and scatter them on the street as you run back home. Then maybe you will live.


Past experience :/

No, you won't die. OJ is almost 100% citric acid, and that's what manufacturers use to preserve food. I'm sure that you are completely fine. I've had opened buttermilk that was 7 months after the expiration date, and it tasted fantastic. Anyway those expiration dates are always set for dates way before the stuff is acutally poisonous, so you're fine.

Personal experience

Yeah your probably fine. The dates that are on there are printed by the company that made it. They don't answer to anyone about those dates, they are just made up (sometimes to get you to buy more).

Most importantly, death by food isn't a quick or painless process. You'll see it coming!

seriously you drank 2.5 pints of bad juice and not know it?? you might die from embarrassment since it'll probably give you lots of gas and diarrhea but other then that you should be fine.

if you're still alive now you'll be fine lol no worries things are designed to be kept years really , so long as it tasted ok you'll be ok you'll know within half an hour as if it was bad you'll be vomiting by then,.

Drink green tea or fresh water to flush it out of your system. Thanks for asking, I hope I answered your question.


If it tasted OK you should be fine.

Eww! lol. I think if you drink too much orange it acts as a laxitive but you wont die :)

Are you going to die? IF the OJ doesnt kill you, being dramatic will

you will not die, might be a bit tom dick but wont die!!.x

put your hand in your mouth and vomit..

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