What did you have for your breakfast this morning?!

Question: What did you have for your breakfast this morning?
i skipped as usual,been tired late night with exhaustion and exam plans,couldn't get up early this morning..woke up at 9.


short stack of strawberry pecan pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, slice of country ham, slice of buttered toast, grits, cold glass of orange juice, and a cold cup of milk...in my mind. I slept through breakfast

Herbalife milkshake and tea with a protein bar :) milkshake provides you with everything you need in a breakfast!!!!!

me myself and I

Chettinad Masala Paniyaram


Eggs over easy, bacon, toast, orange juice, and milk..


Didn't eat breakfest

Muesli, tea and a poppyseed roll. :)

bread butter

I had um... a bowl of honey nut cheerios cereal and something else I forgot?

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