Should We Be Avoiding Genetically-Modified (GM) Foods?!

Question: Should We Be Avoiding Genetically-Modified (GM) Foods?

more legitimate concerns have been brought up relating to their environmental stability but as of yet there's no health risk.

Personally, I would like to see them better regulated. New GE foods should probably be analyzed for safety more closely.

Then again, the same risks occur with natural foods. Many of the foods we eat today are asexual clones of natural foods (bananas or apples, for example) precisely because the natural versions vary so drastically in taste, appearance AND chemical and genetic makeup. There is a naturally occurring variety of potato, for example, that will poison you if eaten. This isn't something that is engineered, it's simply the byproduct of allowing a food product to have sex, so to speak.


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Demand full labelling of GMOs; they are associated with adverse health/reproductive effects in animals.

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