How can I stop the temptation of chewing a piece of gum?!

Question: How can I stop the temptation of chewing a piece of gum?
I got a pack of gum yesterday, and I already ate 4 pieces and there were 13 in the pack. Well after I gave two away to my friends. I usually can go through a pack in a day, but I REALLY want to save it. I want to have the most to chew on Sunday because that's my birthday. I'm getting a whole box of gum for my birthday from my friend on Monday. (It'll be in my locker.) I can't give the pack to my mom to save it for me, because she'll never give it back. I don't have any siblings either. How should I stop the temptation?!?!


i have the same problem. i'll buy a pack of gum and it'll be gone in two days.... so i'll just chew one single piece for about 5-6 hours straight, or until my jaw hurts. then i spit it out and don't want any gum until the following day, or evening.

i chew alot of gum, mostly Orbit.

Put it where you can't see it. Every time you see it, you have to resist temptation all over again.

Just buy another pack so you don't run out?
Or take the pieces and rip them in halves or quarters.

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