What to do if I ate bad ground beef?!

Question: What to do if I ate bad ground beef?
Well I defrosted some ground beef and kept it in the fridge for 2 days. Today I got around to cooking it, the meat smelled normal well to me, and it was pink through out. When I cooked it and finally got around to eating it a couple bites in I started to feel sick to my stomach as in the 'runs' sorry if that's too much information. I'm also sick with a Upper Respiratory Infection but I doubt that could contribute to it. What should I do? Go to the hospital or what?


If the beef smelled fine and you cooked it thoroughly, it probably wasn't spoiled.
In fact the USDA says that the bacteria that causes spoilage is not dangerous just ruins the quality of foods.
There are other foods that can make you ill and most food borne illness does not strike instantly like that. In order for the meat to have come out as poop, it would have had to digest at least a little bit.
Many times it is something you ate at the meal before or even the day before that causes the food borne illness.
Call ER if you must but basically do not eat or drink anything but clear liquids until the poops are gone.

well 2 days in no where near close to going bad. It take about 2 hours for your body to notice something you ate was bad. your case might be psycho Semitic you think you ate something bad your body react like it was something bad. the mind a very powerful thing. Trust me if it was bad you would have smelled it.

Don't bother with the hospital unless you start to get some severe reactions. The trots is no big deal.

Call poison control no it wouldn't be over reacting! They are trained experts they can tell you what to do!


You should wait until you have another bowel movement!


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