Easiest way to eat pasta?!

Question: Easiest way to eat pasta?
how do you eat spaghetti?


With a spoon, Italian style!

I either twirl it onto the fork or cut it into small pieces and then stab it or scoop it up with the fork.

I eat spaghetti a lot :)

I add cheese and ketchup
Cut up sausages
Tomatoe sauce
Broccoli and a cream sauce
Steamed vegetables
Chicken or turkey pieces
With fresh vegetables

twist the noodles with youre fork and sluuurrrpp it up like lady did on Lady and the Tramp. Usually..... :3


I use a fork for spaghetti, and chop sticks for chow mien. Not so good with a straw.

Twist it on a fork and put if on a spoon to put in your mouth!!

mah spaghettiii

Sometimes, you just gotta stick your face right in the bowl.

i agree with the first dude, but after, start chewing it and then swallow it.

I twirl manageable bites on my fork.

Cut it up with scissors for a small child.

You put it in your mouth.

i just use a fork and spin it on the noddles

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