I left a pack of sliced ham in my fridge/kitchen counter for four weeks....?!

Question: I left a pack of sliced ham in my fridge/kitchen counter for four weeks....?
what has happened to it? if the expiration date ran out? I completely forgot about it when I left home in a hurry. I'm going back in a week, though.

What if I left it on the kitchen counter? I'm really not sure...

I hope it has only dried...


Depending on how hot it is in your home I would think that it would start to smell. I am glad to hear you wouldn't eat it! But there should be no maggots; I do not think maggots are attracted to processed ham.

Why not eat it if it was in the fridge? Ham has so much salt in it as a preservative it could still be fine to eat. You look at it first. If it's slimy, don't eat it. If it smells bad, don't eat it. Maggots are possible if you left in on the counter. Yuck! In any case, compost it instead of just throwing it away. It will be wonderful in the garden when it becomes humus.

Well, i wouldn't even think of eating it if i were you.

if it is wrap there should be no bugs but it might stink when u get back

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