What is the difference in taste of the different flavors of ALTOIDS?!

Question: What is the difference in taste of the different flavors of ALTOIDS?
okay so I've tasted the green ones and I want to know what is different in the Spearmint and Wintergreen ones. Are they stronger? Perhaps more mintier?


aren't the green ones spearmint?

Order from mintiest to least:
1. Peppermint
2. Spearmint
3. Wintergreen

Peppermint is if you want the ultimate breath freshener. It is super strong and the mintiness is quite addicting! Spearmint tastes minty but is less minty than peppermint; however, it has a very pleasant enjoyable taste. I haven't had spearmint in a while but apparently, the new formula is worse than the earlier versions. Whether that's true is up for you to decide. Wintergreen is actually my least favorite just because it tastes like toothpaste in my opinion. However, I like it but the mintiness doesn't last as long. It's still worth it though- all altoids mints are!

Peppermints are the best though! I can eat a whole tin in less than a day! I love altoids <3333

Cinnamon, Ginger and Liquorice are also worth trying though! I was kind of addicted to the cinnamon one for a while. Just be careful though! All Altoids have sugar in them and they can be bad for your teeth which is why I'm only eating Altoids Smalls which are sugarless (but are less minty!).

-fellow altoids addict

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