What was Denny's thinking using bacon as an ice cream topping?!

Question: What was Denny's thinking using bacon as an ice cream topping?
What's next? whip cream on a hamburger?


Lmao that sounds gross

Just a test to see if they can make up some new trend, lol! I'm definitely going Yo TTY it some time. A news reporter actually went to Denny's just to try it and I guess she liked it because it had a nice twist of sweet and bacon-y hahah

Me! And te news...(:

haha i've never had bacon on ice cream but apparently a lot of people think its good so they probably thought it would be a hit...i might try putting bacon on ice cream sometime idk but i will most certainly not ever have whip cream on a hamburger

Bacon rules!
Some people take this
and mix it with this
Sounds yummy to me

I don't know, that sounds really gross. I'm sure they'll discontinue it soon when they realize nobody orders it!

People like bacon. People like ice cream.

Not that I think it's a good thing :P

you'd be surprised at how much some people love bacon.

Whip cream on hamburger

That is disgusting! Wtf?

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