What's your definition of 'Pudding'?!

Question: What's your definition of 'Pudding'?
In my family, pudding always translated as dessert, so meant anything sweet after dinner!! but i have heard others consider pudding as a mousse type dessert and others think of it as a cake and custard type of dessert...what do you consider as 'pudding'?


I think of it as a cake type or cooked dessert.
I'd never call fruit salad and ice cream a pudding for instance.

Pudding is a specific dish in the United States. In the U.K. the word pudding means "dessert".

I've watched enough Nigella Lawson and Two Fat Ladies to know what they are talking about when they say "pudding" and then wait patiently to see which "pudding" they are going to make.

When I think of pudding in the U.S. I think of Jello pudding I used to get in plastic cups in my lunch when I was growing up.

Mousse, but smoother


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