Have you tried Soy Joy bars? Are they any good? Thank you!!!!!?!

Question: Have you tried Soy Joy bars? Are they any good? Thank you!!!!!?

Not unless you like other soy products.

Personally, I dont like soy milk and other soy products.

It's a funny thing about soy. Soy is a bean. Beans are 50% protein and 50% carbohydrates and they don't break down (digestion) in our bodies very well. I tend to stay away from all beans. In addition, most soy beans are sprayed with insecticides. You have to buy organic. I am not sure Soy Joy bars are organic. I haven't tried it. I probably will one day. It will never be a favorite with me.

No I didnt like them at all. They were dry, tasteless and just over all not impressed

they sound disgusting

I have, and I would rather eat cardboard.

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