What happens when you eat a seed of an apple?!

Question: What happens when you eat a seed of an apple?
I know this may seem a bit silly... but I'll just get straight to the point.

I was just wondering if you're allowed to eat the seeds of an apple - like are they good for you to eat? they don't harm your body right? && if they're good for you to eat, in what way does it benefit you? etc.

Also can apple trees be formed through the seeds fount in an apple? I've heard about that but I'm not quite sure it's true... so if you do plant those seeds in soil, what would happen? will they grow into nothing or just rot?

Thank you :)


nothing bad will happen if you eat the seed, if you eat too many seeds whole, you may develop appendicitis and may need surgery, this would be if you eat really high quantities thought...

yes trees can be grown from apple seeds, how ever not in your stomach like someone else said. People plant several seeds together or the heart of the apple that include the seeds.

there are no known benefits for eating the seeds, (at least not scientifically Proven)


Dylan is right. There is cyanide in apple seeds. Other fruit seeds also can be dangerous if a large amount is eaten. Check it out.

Apple seeds are digested normally by the body, they are not poisonous. Commercial apples are not germinated, meaning their seeds are in capable of producing a tree. The apple growers do this so that they aren't giving away the same apple for people to grow on their own, and not buy from them.

Actually it is bad for you and can make you really ill if you eat a lot of the apple seeds. During the Depression a lot of people ate the seeds and got sick from it.
You can plant the seeds and grow a tree.

apple seeds contain potassium cyanide, but the seeds won't digest and will most likely just pass through you first


An apple tree grows inside of you :(

well it could end in a tree but likley nothing will happen

You will get pregnant, and die.

No I'm just kidding, you'll be fine as long as you don't eat a whole cup of them

you hope your stomach is large enough to house an apple tree :)

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