Do some people actually eat caviar? Are they wealthy? And why would ANYONE eat fish eggs?!

Question: Do some people actually eat caviar? Are they wealthy? And why would ANYONE eat fish eggs?

I eat it because its really good on crustini with any creamy anything... it doesn't freak me out, people eat chicken eggs all the, and I am upper-uppermiddle class.

I've tried caviar before. It's actually not too bad, but not something I'd eat on a regular basis. Caviar seems more like an Hors d'?uvre that is served at parties but some people do eat it regularly. I'm not exactly sure why, because even though those little eggs are rich in Vitamin B-12, they are loaded with sodium. Not exactly the healthiest snack in the world for that reason.

well of course some people eat caviar XD i personally dont like it much but thats beside the point. Uhm, it really depends on the caviar i guess? Some can be waaaay expensive... Also, a lot of people eat fish eggs .-. its like asking "Why would ANYONE eat chicken eggs?" its food. People eat food -w- Japanese people eat fish eggs (salmon) on sushi. thats really the only kind i eat and like

Gee, you have such strong opinions about something you don't know much about!
Would you say the same about chicken eggs if you came from another culture?
In some countries they'd NEVER eat pork or beef.
In some countries they eat dogs and cats!
Are you the decider and judge of what people should and should not eat?

Caviar is fabulous, you don't have to be rich and some sushi has tobiko and salmon roe is fish eggs.

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