Is a breakfast bar enough to eat in the morning?!

Question: Is a breakfast bar enough to eat in the morning?


Protein from egg, cottage cheese, bagel. yoghurt.

Carbs from cereal, oatmeal, fruit.

Fat from anything fried.

No problem.

It is enough if you want to loose weight. Otherwise I could recommend a plate a porridge, a sandwich and a carrot juice. There is nothing better than a tasty breakfast.

yes, if you are over the age of 16, it is; as long as you have stopped growing and you feel it is enough, then it should be fine. but don't under eat.

It's enough but probably the same as eating normal, sugary cereal. Breakfast bars aren't as low-fat as you would think.

if it leaves you feeling like you've eaten enough and you're not still hungry i don't see why not

Not perfect, but better than eating nothing

It is enough.

eat 2

for you it's enough

NOOOOOOOOOOoooooo! never!!!!!!!! i eat cows!!!!!!!

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