does anyone know how to replicate this?!

Question: Does anyone know how to replicate this?
the bacon breakfast sandwich from diggers diner? its so good and i wanna know how to make it at home.. also does anyone know wha kind of bread they use and how they toast it to make it so crispy and buttery?


It's on their menu. It's Sour dough, an egg over-hard, hashed browns and cheese with your choice of bacon, sausage patty, ham or hot link...

To get the bread crispy, you butter it and throw it on a flat grill while cooking everything else. If it's truly diner style, it's American "cheese," because it melts really nice when you put stuff on it.

Hashed browns, you want a really, really hot griddle (most diners have a grill that run from 375-400 F for surface temperature), you want to toss those taters in a puddle of butter/oil and let them sit before flipping, and you don't want to keep flipping or stirring, but you don't want them to burn - so medium heat, hot oil, flip in two minutes, don't put more than half a cup or 1/2 inch thick.

Over-hard, you break the yolk and cook it through, and well, the meat is cooked the way it's cooked. :) Pile it together, and voila.

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