I'm starving and there's NOTHING to eat!!?!

Question: I'm starving and there's NOTHING to eat!!?
This really isnt the first time this has happened. Its 11pm right now and I've eaten nothing all day. My dad came and took 7 of my brothers and sisters out so there already ate. My mom is out with her boyfriend and wont answer her phone so she is probably gonna be there all night. There's nothing to eat in the house. What can i do??


dude that happens to me a lot too I try to find snacks but there's NOTHING and I don't feel like making food on the skillet cuz I'm lazy but I try to find some left over food in the fridge to heat up but that dosent work cuz don't got no left over food so what I would have to do is of course sometime go in the freezer and cook something. what I usually make is spaghetti or rice and and add some seasonings and bam! you got something to eat that will last for a couple hours lol then I would drink as much water as I can till i get full and try to go to bed before I die being hungry again lol

me myself and I

Go to your neighbor's house and tell them you have no food to eat and you are hungry. Ask if you can borrow a can of soup or something.

Your mom will be so embarassed that she will never leave you without food again.

Cheers :)

OMG this is an emergency you better call Pizza Hut before the men in white coats come and get you!
P.S. They are already on their way.

If you have bread and any cheese, make a grilled cheese. If you have even one egg, make that.

get creative and experiment with food to create something out of nothing... i do it all the time lol

lol next time go out with your 7 brothers and sisters..
order something:D

Order some take away.

wait.............7 brothers and sisters ?

Cereal and milk
Toast and jam and\or peanut butter

try and throw something together you'll be fine!

call 911

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