does string cheese make you constipated?!

Question: Does string cheese make you constipated?
I eat a 24 pack of pollyo string cheese everyday. I am not fat but am very picky and don't like a lot of different foods. I think, however, that it's making me constipated. Do I have to stop eating so much of my beloved cheese? I'm addicted! If I had to stop eating so much pollyo then I definitely wouldn't be eating much throughout the day.


That is too much cheese. You need to slow down a bit. Yes it will constipate you.
There has to be something else you like to eat.

All cheese will STOP up the system...You should not eat cheese more than a few times a week, and too much chocolate will do the same.

Any real cheese is constipating to me so yes I would say it would be :)

i don't think so...

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