What's the latest you will drink coffee?!

Question: What's the latest you will drink coffee?
I am enjoying a cup right now :)


On a worknight, 3 pm because I find it takes about 7 hours to get out of my system and going to sleep any later than 10 is past my bedtime ;). Really I usually only drink it in the mornings with sugar and (flavored) cream

Just before bedtime. I have a very heavy sleep normally. Having some coffee before bed helps me get up more relaxed the next day.

Since I use little common sense when the urge for a cup of coffee strikes me, anytime is good. It doesn't mean I will get to sleep on time though.

Occasionally with lunch, if I get eggs and potatoes for lunch. Never after 1pm, or I'll feel like crap in the afternoon.

I'll drink coffee anytime, especially if it's Tim Horton's. :)

Coffee does not keep me up. If I have a cup before bed, I still sleep like a baby.

What's the latest I can have it? There's no bad time for coffee.

The latest? I'd say 5:00 pm

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