Can I put cupcakes in the fridge?!

Question: Can I put cupcakes in the fridge?
My boyfriend wants me to save him some cupcakes but idk if they'll last till Sunday. And when I say last, I mean not be eaten(:
Could I hide some in the back of the fridge or would that make them gross?


air tight container and they will be fine
stack other food in front of it

The cupcake should be okay in the refrigerator. However, the texture may end up a little dry and hard. You can always heat it a little in the microwave when it's ready to be eaten.

It wont make them gross. They will be just fine its only for 2 days anyway.

Yup or freeze them it keep them fresh up to 2weeks.

own a bake shop

Cakes are fine to put in the fridge, best place probably!

Its best to keep the cup cakes in fridge to preserve.Enjoy eating!

well when he comes over save him in the back or buy him some new ones

my brain


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