Should I let my girlfriend eat burgers and fries? (need objective advice)?!

Question: Should I let my girlfriend eat burgers and fries? (need objective advice)?
Okay here is the and my girl were at McDonalds. She asked me what I was getting and I told her I was going to get a quarter pounder with cheese and some fries. She said ooh that sounds good, i want to get that too. Then I told her no because it was too fattening for her and she needed to keep her trim figure. Then she was like but you are getting it, why can't I?. Then I said because I am a guy and it is okay if we gain weight but if a girl gains weight it isn't attractive. Plus guys have higher metabolisms than girls do. I told her she was my little barbie girl and I wanted her to stay that way. Most of the time she understands my logic but she was on PMS and started pouting about it. Kudos to me for still paying for lunch. I ordered her a salad. Then while we were eating I told her that she could have a burger and fries for her birthday but she said she wanted Olive Garden! Women!! Anyways her friend found out and said I was a jerk. Am I wrong here?


just trying to help there romeo?

You are a demeaning sexist a** and you are lucky your girlfriend didnt throw your burger at your head and throw a drink on u cuz i would have. Oh and id be surprised if she stays with your a**. Oh and a friguine Barbie? are u kidding me. last time i checked we were women not barbies!

Dude let her eat what she wants you don't need to watch her wait. That's her job plus you don't get fat by eating afiew burgers. She probably thinks your insane right now!

Don't ever--EVER--comment on a woman's weight. You're really lucky she didn't punch you.

Yes you are.
I would have slapped you around a little. You are a sexist, and that doesn't settle with most women I know.

Davon-You are NOT a jerk...but you are a LOSER! Don't won't have these problems much longer because you'll also be ....SINGLE....very soon.

I hope she leaves you. Seriously. That is beyond controling.

TAking advantage of her!!! Let her decide that for herself....

You are a control freak. She will dump you after a while.

it's awful to try to control someone. she's making a mistake by staying with you.

Yep you're wrong, enough said.

Just let her eat! if shes starving, nothing really happens to her figure!

if you want a fat and ugly girlfriend!

I used to work at McDonalds and I am now a personal trainer. Not only were you wrong and a complete jerk, you were also a complete idiot.

The salads at McDonalds are worse for you than a burger and fries. They contain more fat, and more calories. They are also less satisfying and usually lead to the person cheating on their good diets again soon because they didn't actually get what they were craving.

Also, enjoy your "trim" figure and fast metabolism while you can. While it is true that men can eat a bit more, because they consist of more muscle, unless you are training to be Mr. Olympia, you will start to get a belly quite soon. It's around 30-35 that mens metabolisms really start to slow and they get that soft pudgy look.

And as a woman, I should also let you know that while it is true that a nice body is nice... I would never stay with a man who told me I was his "barbie"... because I will age. I will get old, fat and ugly, because that is what evolution has decided will happen to me. So what's going to stop you from finding another barbie, as soon as I hit 50?

I'd rather date a real man, who likes me for me and my personality. Because at the end of the day, nice looks are nice, but they're not even what attracts you to someone... attraction is chemical.

The very last think you should ever do is tell a girl she shouldn't eat something because she could get fat. Many are self-conscious about their bodies already, and they don't need you enforcing that and making them feel even worse about themselves. Second, it's just plain rude to do anyway. It's like being told you should stop going to school because you're way too stupid for it, now how is that any fair and kind? Let her eat what she wants before she has thoughts of starving herself just because you chose to be a jackass about it, all right?

100% listen if you are in a relationship you like the girl for her, even if she gained a 1000 pounds lol :) Just let her make her own choices and she will learn from them just love her for her and what basically said to her is eat a salad stay skinny or you will get fat and that was being a jerk (in my opnion) best thing to do is just apologise and tell her you love her for her....not how she is gonnna look or will look...
hope it helps..

personal expr.

Yea ur dead wrong. It would be different if she ate it every day!!!! U owe her a burger and fries. I wuda been like Fu I'm waiting what I want!

Often times, when you tell someone that they can't do something,then they want to do the opposite of what you tell them. My parents harped on me all my young life about gaining weight. I was about 20 lbs overweight...but I would get really upset at being badgered and my response was to eat more - crazy but true. BUT We have to love ourselves to take care of ourselves. It is a sorry world when everyone is getting fatter and eating more non sugar, non fat stuff but we all need to get off the couch and away from the house and the computer and out into the fresh air. Go for a swim, Take a walk or take a hike with the woman you say is your girl. She is her own person, You should quit eating Mickey D's stuff too. Go with BG to your local farmers market on the weekend and buy organic food from the farmers who produce it and have a really nice week of good food, cooking together and learning a bit of respect for each other.

Get over the Barbie doll stuff. If you think PMS is bad just wait until you meet a woman going through menopause! It might take years to get through it and some of us are loaded for bear.

Woman, chef, mom, grandma.

Yes your a jerk. Its her body not yours. What she puts into it is up to her "not you!".

Anyhow the burger is less harmful to the body than the fries and Pop.. You can eat 30 burgers a week and do less damage to your body than drinking 10 of their large soda pops a week.

If the only reason your with her is because she is attractive.. I suggest you have her go around having lots of sex.. That keep her from getting fat.. being sex burns lots of calories.

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