what are easy/quick and Delicious school lunches that would remain Delicious after several hours?!

Question: What are easy/quick and Delicious school lunches that would remain Delicious after several hours?
im in charge of making my younger ocusin's lunchbox becuase her mom works early in the morning. she's in 5th grade and isnt a picky eater. (as long as its delicous and new shes fine :))
however i am having trouble with packing her box after going through the usual lsit of pbjs, ham snadwhich, tuna sandwhich, chicken soup, cold pizza, other cold food and almost every type of sandwhich i could think of?
any suggestions?
ps i woudl rpefer if it would take no more than 10 minutes to make? thanks!


Sandwiches:- Club
(by Dune 16/7/09)
(3 fillings between 4 slices of bread)
Mashed Egg.
Spread the bread with butter or margarine
Lay out the ingredients and season
Top the tomato slice with the egg slice and top the egg slice with the lettuce slice and place the last slice butter side down.
Press down a little
Remove side crusts and cut into two or three fingers.
Tip. If you have a lot to make purchase a loaf of bread cut lengthways
Look for other combinations.

Sandwiches. Fillings.
Asparagus & Mayonnaise.
Beetroot & Cold Lamb.
Celery & Cheese.
Cheese & Onion.
Cheese & Vegemite.
Chopped Oysters, Lemon Juice and seasonings.
Cress and Vegemite.
Cold Lamb & Mustard Pickles.
Corned Beef & Tomato Sauce. (ketchup)
Cucumber & Tomato.
Dates & Lemon Juice.
Egg & Chives. (spring onion)
Grated Carrot.
Lettuce & Vegemite.
Peanut Butter.
Peanut Butter & Jam.
Savoury Pastes.

Sandwiches:- Pinwheels
Ideally you want bread that has been sliced length ways.
Spread the bread with butter.
With the narrow end toward you lay down your fills across the bread, working away from your.
Carefully roll up and slice into 2 or 3, depending on how wide the bread is.
Chose fillings you like.
Asparagus spears, mashed egg, tomato, (flesh only) flaked salmon, shredded lettuce, grated carrot, cold meats, (lamb, corned beef, chicken etc) cheese, celery etc.

Sandwiches:- Rolls**
Butter a slice of sandwich bread an place with a corner towards you.
Place on your filling and roll up.
Fillings to consider:-
Asparagus spears with mayonnaise and some fine shred of lettuce.
Corned beef strips with tomato wedges (seedless and skinned) laid end to end and seasoned.
Corned beef strips with sweet mustard sauce.
Seafood sticks, (halved) shredded lettuce and a little tartare dressing.
Shredded cooked (or smoked) chicken with sweet chilli sauce.
Shredded Lamb with chow-chow pickles, or picalilli.
Strips sausages and tomato sauce.

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