What should you eat and drink after a hot night of intercourse?!

Question: What should you eat and drink after a hot night of intercourse?
So you(guy/girl) enjoyed yourself last night with your partner and so you take a shower,but what s the idol breakfast you 2 should have after having it done last night?You loose some minerals while doing what you did last night...What do you put next in your stomach?An orange home made juice it s a must be,so that s all covered,what next to gain back what you lost last night?Thank you!


I'd say eating a healthy breakfast would get you covered. i use the term healthy loosely. id say eggs, sausage/bacon, toast, or something hot with milk or juice would be great. if you don't want to make it, go to Denny's.

I eat food.

I always have her boyfriend make me a sandwich and bring me a glass of icewater.

This also works especially well during intercourse.

My Magic 8 Ball says "Try Again Later", but I'm not going to because I've been rejected more than once and I am beginning to fear that what I'm really doing is risking any friendship (with or without benefits) at all O_o

Protein shake, as she had receiver hers anyway :)

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