What is something I can eat for breakfast when I'm nervous?!

Question: What is something I can eat for breakfast when I'm nervous?
I have a job interview tomorrow and it's at 10am. I'd like to eat before I go so that my stomach doesn't do a big hunger growl during the interview! what is something I can eat that is quite light (as ill be nervous and it's hard to eat when your belly is going crazy!) that will stop my stomach growling?



What are the things you eat that don't upset your stomach? My first thought was a bowl of rice with some vegetables but if you are more comfy with oatmeal or potatoes or fruit you should eat those.

And relax. I used to be in charge of interviewing candidates for a large department of a large computer company and people don't realize that lots of times the interviewer is just as nervous as the candidate! Just be yourself and be nice and you have your best chance.

Good luck!


Just something light like a fruit salad is probably a good idea. Also, drink some mint tea. It really helps to settle a nervous stomach, I've found. Best of luck on your interview!

Personal experience

Fiber will keep you fill and focused and prevent your stomach from growling. Have a bowl of cereal that is high in fiber

bagel it has lots of fiber so it will keep your belly from grumbling till after the interview


yogurt and a piece of fruit.

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