What is the best thing to eat when your mouth is hot from peppers?!

Question: What is the best thing to eat when your mouth is hot from peppers?

You should eat/drink dairy. Like: milk,yogurt,and ice-cream
Try putting an ice cube in your mouth. Or eat bread or rice.

Hope this will cool your mouth down.

These are all from my experience and my friends

I love spicy food, so I know this well.

I eat plain ice, bread, milk, ice cream, fruit, or any kind of sweet or creamy food. And it helps if it is cold.

Drink milk, eat yogurt, eat ice-cream, anything that's dairy really. Don't drink water because it will make it worse.

Try natural or flavoured yogurt, unlike cold drinks it stays on your mouth longer. :)

thats happened to me before :(

eat a cucumber plain .

experience D:

Milk!!!! Stay away from water!!! It will make the burn reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally BURN!! Also to have a bite of bread is suppose to help as well ( just plain dry bread; no butter!)

Something sweet with cold milk

ice cubes!

drinking milk helps

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