Does this add up to 1800 calories?!

Question: Does this add up to 1800 calories?
I'm in the hospital for anorexia, and they have me on 1800cal a day...I eat all my meals to follow the rules but I feel so fat afterwards! I want to cry and the cslories dont even add up to 1800, but more!! Is it really that much? I'm so scared of gaining weight! It's really bad....

1 hard boiled egg
Cheereos (70cal)
1 banana
2 4oz cups of apple juice

Turkey burger with cheese, lettuce, and tomato
4oz applesauce
4oz macaroni salad
4oz corn

4oz crinkle cut carrots
1 slice of pound cake

1 apple
1 4oz apple juice

And I'm supposed to have a 350cal ensure...but I refuse


aww.... i also have anorexia. it sucks BIG TIME.
but trust me, 1800 calories is absaloutly nothing. most people consume between 2000 - 2800 calories ina day.

But remember, with anorexia, if you know an apple is 80 calories, you'll round it upwards, to 100... and say you know 200 ml juice is 100, you might end up rounding it up to 150... or thats what i do.
i'll try my best counting the cls... but im not so good with oz. i use mls... and im also veyr good at rounding upwards, making eveyrthing more calories then what it already is.

maybe 400 for breakfast.

maybe 500 for lunch?

dinner - 600 ?

maybe 250 for snack?

so yes.... thats around 1800... i calculated up to about 1750.... so nothing to worry about.

i once had a meal plan that was abour 5000 calories....:O yes... but that was cus i didnt gain any weight... hehehe :)

my meal plan now - (abut 4000 cal... or soemthing.)

Breakfast -
oatmeal with 100ml milk, 1 banana , 3 tsp jam. and cracker with1 tsp butter & 1 slice ham, and 300 ml juice

Snack - 200 ml yoghurt, 100 ml cereal, 1 fruit and 300 ml juice.

lunch - 350 gram cooked food - carbs, protein, veggies and sauce (THE WORST... its just cream/cheese and oil.)

snack - 300 ml milk with 200 ml cereal and a cracker with 1 tsp butter and 1 slice jam.

DInner - 350gram cooked food - carbs,protein, veggies and sauce

snack - 1 125gram yoghurt, 1 banana, 1 digestive and 300 ml milk.

and a 600 cal scandishake.

My life sucks. its impossible to eat so much, im about to burst at the end of each day, and i hate waking up, knowing i haev to eat so much. :(

Lettuce has 0 nutritional value. It is pretty much water. I'm a 205 lb man that's lost 20 pounds down to 185 -- I eat lettuce (I'm talking a WHOLE HEAD of lettuce) and I'm still losing weight. Trust me, you won't gain weight by eating lettuce.

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