What kinds of cheese are quite popular in Canada or other western countries? Thx.?!

Question: What kinds of cheese are quite popular in Canada or other western countries? Thx.?
I am a Chinese, but I am very fond of sheese, which tastes perfect. By the way, I am going to Canada for studying, so I guess it is of help to familiarize myself with all these cheese stuff. :) Also, could you please give me their pictures if you can find them? Thank you very much!


As a former chef and from Canada and still live here we eat and make a large number of cheese, from the cheddar type, Swiss, some Italian types, goat milk cheeses to, I have had many and it is not much different here than in Europe as far as our taste for different cheese's, I worked in Quebec also and there they have a very European taste for cheese, they make some of the best in Canada, I am fond of Oka, Saint Paulin and the Trappist monks goat and sheep's milk cheeses, there you can get raw milk one not available in the rest of the country, if you need any more help let me know.

All kinds of cheese around the world are available though mozzarella and cheddar cheese are probably the most popular. If you happen to be studying in Quebec, they are famous for all kinda of goat cheeses. I recommend locating an actual cheese shop, that way you could talk to someone who knows a lot about it and you will more than likely be able to sample anything you want.

When I was living in Canada, it seemed to me that white and yellow Cheddar were THE cheese types in Canada, with others few and far between. A fancy cheese platter in Canada in the 1990s meant there were BOTH cheddars on it - haha!! It's been twenty years though, so maybe things have become a bit more interesting since then.


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