What are your eating habits like?!

Question: What are your eating habits like?
Lots of junk food? Lots of fast food? Or are you a health conscious person?

Name the types of restaurants/fast food chains you go to the most.


I'm in the middle too. I don't eat fast food, or buy soda, chips, ice cream, etc. I cook all my own food, but I don't care how many calories or fat is in it, as long as it tastes good. I just eat whenever I'm hungry and don't make myself eat on a schedule when I'm not hungry. It works out well in terms of weight, I hold steady at a decent normal weight.

I like to think i'm right in the middle between not eating healthy & eating healthy. I like eating junk food (who doesn't?!) but i realize that it's not healthy so i don't eat toooo much of it. I eat normal things that most people eat that are fairly healthy.
I do eat McDonalds food sometimes... i'd say about once a month? I looove eating at Pizza Hut, KFC, Culvers, & other places like that but i don't eat out too often.

i am Diabetic , i eat lots of protein , i cook my own food , i was not health conscious when i was younger , i am a bit conscious now , i have fast food sometimes

Lots of junk food.
McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Burger King..

My eating habits like fast food are much more . I go to fast food because it is fast and tasty it save the time .in fast there is healthy food also .

i eat fast food and at home. I mostly eat Subway, Jack in the box, Wendy's and Stone Oven.

Mainly health conscious and eat at home.

Mcdonalds and Wendy's and I have salad with Lowfat ranch dressing some times

A lot of McDonalds!


well i do take mostly organic foods.

i eat habits like because i can early eating food.

taco bell

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