I ate this much today...?!

Question: I ate this much today...?
I COMPLETELY overate yesterday. It was pretty bad. So I thought Id "make up for it"

by cutting back today. I was trying to lose weight, so this is what I ate:
Breakfast: A half of a small green apple
A mug of hot cocoa (which I checked on the box, its 120 cal) plus a tiny bit of whipped cream.
Dinner: A bowl of Zatarans jumbalaya rice, which my dad put chicken in.
Im almost 15, 5'5, and this morning I weighed 116.4 lbs :( This isnt considered an anorexic diet, is it?? I usually eat this little every day... ? My mom doesnt think I eat enough.


Yeah, you could stand to eat a little bit more, but I wouldn't consider you to be anorexic just because of what you ate.

Honestly, anorexia has more to do with how you think about your weight, and how you feel about yourself. You're 116 pounds and you're trying to lose weight?? WHY? Honestly dear, you're 15, don't worry about it! You're a beautiful girl, and you should be spending time enjoying life rather than worrying about your weight. Worry when you drop over 200 pounds lol

Sometimes that's about as much as I eat in a week.
It isn't anorexic if you can overeat. The majority of anorexics are mentally unable to eat more than there maximum calorie intake, and when they do they often vigorously exercise until it hurts or fast for the next few days.
Good luck on losing weight.T.x.

I think so.. You did not completely overeat. I'm also 15 and 5'5 and am no where near your weight lol. Have you weighed yourself recently? Do you have reasonable motivations? I think this is probably unhealthy for your body and mind.

That is actually really good !

I'll be 14 and I'm a guy. I weigh 125 pounds. Don't worry, I think your weight is fine.

woah you do NOT need to lose weight and you are eating way too less!!

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