Would you count a cinnamon roll as a breakfast ?!

Question: Would you count a cinnamon roll as a breakfast ?
At school we gotta cook a breakfast item or something and i was thinking cinnamon roll so i just wanted to know if you could count it as breakfast ?


Yeah definitely. I'm sure it counts as breakfast, just as waffles or pancakes. Happy cooking! :)

lol very funny question. if you really wanted to you can make fish soup and tell them its breakfast. in different parts of the world they eat totally different things at different times of the day. in spain for example, eggs are for dinner. in japan you can have a ball of rice with seaweed for breakfast. and technically breakfast is whatever you eat for the first meal of the day. so it might be leftover pizza!

>No, I wouldn't. Even a "Continental" breakfast, which is a hotel's way of offering something to eat on the rush, usually includes more than just a cinnamon bun. You might want to call it breakfast, but to me, it isn;t.

Yes it would be inthe bread/grain group. You could make it a little healthier using a whole grain flour, or even a muffin & add carrots or a fruit in it. Or add some raisins to your cinamon roll.

Absolutely! There's nothing wrong with having a sweet breakfast item on occasion. Have fun and enjoy!!


The world!

Yes, definitely.

It has zero nutrion and a lot of calories. Not much of a breakfast.

Yes it does. It has enough calorific value not to be a snack but part of a meal.

No, a breakfast item is an option

I would if it was Sunday morning, so it sounds delicious!




yes that counts cause a lot of folks have cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

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