What's your favorite cereal??(:?!

Question: What's your favorite cereal??(:?
Random survey lol


Captain crunch BERRIES!!!xD

I make my own muesli- it's raw oatmeal with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. So healthy it's sick!


Cinnamon swirl
apple and cinnamoncrunch
cookie crisp
berries and chocolate
strawberry and yoghurt clusters
Honey nut cheerios
mini fruit and nut weetabix

I don't eat cereal that often because if the high sugar content and the weird taste of milk, but I'd say that my top two favorites are Fiber One original and Original Cheerios.

Mine was always Honey Bunches of Oats, but Kellogg's just released something called Crunchy Nut. Mmm -- I can't resist either!

Mallow Oats and Puffins:) mmmm,organic!!

Frosted Flakes cant beat sugery awesomness

captin crunch i think


Reese's puffs

Capn Crunch.

Raisin Bran , I love it .

Rice Krispies..Snap, Crackle, Pop : )

florn cakes

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