Which is more super yummy??..Chili Hotdog or Corndog?!

Question: Which is more super yummy??..Chili Hotdog or Corndog?
The Next Top Dog Act 7

Host: Ladies and gentlemen, are u ready for the next top dog!!!???
Crowd: yayy!!!!!
Hotdog: i'm so gonna win this one
Corndog: not in a million years meat puff
Hotdog: what you call me corn bread?
Host: looks like things are getting heated...how about the first question?
Hotdog: bring it on
Host: what's a other name for a hotdog?
Corndog: A CONEY!!!
Host: right!!!
Crowd: yayy!!!
Host: 1 for corndog
Host: 2nd question...whats not supposed to go on a hotdog?
Hotdog: Ketchup!!!
Host: right!!!
Crowd: yayy!!!!
Host: 1 for hotdog, who's gonna win??...you decided by answering this question viewers...which one tastes better Chilidog or Corndog??

~ i think a chilidog would taste better


I LUV BOTH! but my fav is chilidogs!

In terms of sheer yumminess, excluding the things I do w/ your gf, the clear winner would be:
The chili-corn-dog with cheese, bacon, banana peppers, sauerkraut, hot sauce, onions, relish mustard, pickles, and a little squirt o' bbq sauce.

For added awesome, coat the whole shootin' match in jalapeno/nacho beer-batter, and deep-fry that bad mother-f*cker!

definitely NOT a CORN DOG.


Chili Hotdogs :)


Hot dogs with chili :)

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