I'm addicted to cereal!?!

Question: I'm addicted to cereal!?
Everyday I have cereal for breakfast and I cant help myself but to have several bowls after my supper, even when I'm not hungry. I usually never eat when I'm hungry, but when I feel like cereal I always have it!

Please help, I need to get over this craving!


Chill out! You're a teenager, right? You need a lot of energy when you're a growing teen and cereal's got it. I ate loads of cereal when I was younger too. It's pretty good for you as long as you choose a kind without too much sugar (I used to have half bran flakes, half crunchy-nut cornflakes, lol!, to balance the sugary stuff with some healthy high-fibre stuff). Maybe try to limit yourself to one or two bowls in the evening, not loads and loads, but unless you're putting on lots of weight (slow weight gain is normal while you're growing so don't be too quick to freak out) there's nothing wrong with it.

I don't understand why you NEED to get over the craving. You can't become addicted to cereal. It's possible to get addicted to sugar, so if you are eating a lot of sugar with your cereal, that might be your problem.

Most people don't eat when their stomach growls because that doesn't mean you are hungry, it means the contents are shifting. Craving particular food is your body's way of telling you that you need a substance that is in that food, or you are getting some kind of tactile or sugar stimulation from it. There is nothing wrong with eating cereal after dinner as opposed to pie, or ice cream, or a myriad of other things that are not as nutritional as cereal can be, so I don't understand why you would want to stop doing something you enjoy, and why you would automatically assume that it's bad for you simply because you like it.

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