What's the difference between Jam and Chutney?!

Question: What's the difference between Jam and Chutney?
I've had some jams that are really spicey (chilli jam) and some chutneys that are really sweet (mango and ginger). I was wondering what is the actual difference between jams and chutneys.


chutney is actually not supposed to be sweet. it comes from india, and there it is almost ALWAYS spicy or sour. so when the brits brought it over, they made it sweet which is why it is what it is today. there's actually a huge difference between the two.

i'm indian.

Chutney is green for one and it is used in a lot of different cultures. Jam is what i think more american and it is red. Chutney can be something you can pour on top of pizza and Jam is like something you put in a sandwich.

Not much other then the country of origin ..but preserves are more like a chutney jams are made more of juice and some fruits preserves are the reverse ..chutneys tend to be cooked down fruits and peppers

Chutney is used in different cultures and is more of a condiment than a spread.

Consistency. Chutney is more course.

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