Best thing to put Hot Sauce on?!

Question: Best thing to put Hot Sauce on?
I LOVE hot sauce, and one of my favourite thing to put it on is baked beans and strangely good on ham and mustard sandwiches!! lol i like it on everything!! spag bol and Curry's too!! what els can i put it on? xxx


Fried chicken. Try it on some KFC, trust me!

You could try it at the side of your plate with your dinner, see what it tastes like with every day food. You could have it with a burger, im sure that would make it taste great! Experiment with different foods its the only way you can see what its good with :)

I don't really like putting hot sauce on my food, but I love mixing it with mayo to make a delicious dip. The best thing to dip in it is sweet potato fries. You should try it sometime!

friend chicken
hot dogs/ sausages
fired rice/ noodles
pork chops

My favorite is putting it in Chicken Ramen. I think it makes it taste a lot better.

Stir-fried tofu & veggies. The best thing, ever.

haha i put hot sauce on none of those....idk how about a chopped barbecue sandwich? :D

Scrambled eggs or any kind of Chowder

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