How do you get rid of bugs that infest products like flour, corn meal, etc?!

Question: How do you get rid of bugs that infest products like flour, corn meal, etc!?
I throw products away, but I think they may be in other cabinets or even other parts of my house!. Every now and then I'll find a dead one in places where there are no food products!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Weevils are tiny members of the beetle family whose larva grow within the seed casings of grain and seeds and are only seen after they burst that seed coating!. They are very small - under 1/4" at their largest - and they make a spider web like mess inside your box or package of food!. There are ways to get rid of them - but it's far better to avoid getting them in the first place!.
Weevils can be stopped very easily by doing two simple things!. The first thing to do is to put items prone to weevils into the freezer for four days!. This will kill the microscopic larvae and prevent any weevils from hatching!. Do this with your flour, corn meal, grits, rice, spices and similar items!.

Store things you can't put into the freezer for four days in lock tight glass or plastic canisters or in zip seal plastic bags!. These include cereals, dried fruits, crackers and cookies!. Weevils can even invade seeds that are stored for planting, decorative corn, bean bag toys or chairs and other inedible items where seeds and grains are used!. If you have a weevil problem in a box of cereal or bag of popcorn it will be contained in one sealed bag (the store bags are not okay once they're opened) that you can throw out or empty-outside-and clean!.
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The best thing to do is go out and buy you some air tight canisters, and put your products in those, once you have done that you will get rid of that problem!. Oh and after you have done that you can spray and that should help!. Some times the bugs are already in the flour and corn meal from the company or got into it on the truck on the way to the store, but that is rare!. But your best bet would be buy some canisters and that should get rid of your problemWww@FoodAQ@Com

I'm going to try to help you because the only answer here that is close is Tabitha's
All grain products have weevil larvae in them !. It does not come from the truck or anywhere else they are already in the grain !. What happens is if you have not used these items for several months they hatch !. They will bore through almost every pkg!. Anything that contains grain they will go after !. Any nuts even rice they will go after !. Even cereal !.
Throw out all these types of products that you have on hand even if you do not see them in the product yet !. If they are else where they are there too !.Next when you get new stuff keep it in airtight containers for 1 month !. If they have no food they expire !.
Hint don't buy more of these products than you intend to use in a 6 month period !. That includes dry pasta as well !.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Ahhh, this happened to my family!. Are they moth larvae!? Those are the most difficult, disgusting things to get rid of!.

Throwing the products away is a good thing, but not the only thing!. From now on, you should plastic bag any opened item in your pantry!. Refrigerated items usually won't contain bugs!.

You might have to check all of your pantry products!. You'd be surprised how those critters sneak into SEALED items!. You should check the walls for little "cocoons" because those are just more bugs waiting to grow!.

Certain herbs and whatnot can act as a repellent, such as bay leaves!. You might want to sprinkle some of those, as well!.

That's a summary of the problems you may have to encounter!. I hope it's not as severe as what our kitchen had to endure!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

the bugs that get into flour and products like that are called weavels (sp!?) and they just seem to appear after keeping that product in your pantry for a long long time without using it!. Cant really get rid of those; just use your products faster but if they are another kind of bug that just get everywhere you need to have your house professionally sprayed b/c its around your food and that should take care of it!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Pantry pests might be migrating through your foods!. They like to eat flour, cereals, cracked grains, baking mixes and processed foods, crackers, macaroni, cured meats, powdered milk, dried fruits, nuts, popcorn and spices!. Oh, and they can chew through cardboard and foil wrappers!.

Here's a link complete with pictures - http://lancaster!.unl!.edu/pest/resources/!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

The best advice I was given about this is to toss out all the product you have now!. When you buy new - put it in the freezer for at least 3 days, this will kill off any larva (eggs) in the new product you bring home!. After the 3 days take it from the freezer and place the whole thing in a glass canister that seals with a gasket - not just a screw top!.

I haven't had a problem since starting to do this!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I guess some type of bug spray will do the trick!. I always keep my cornmeal and flour in the refrigerator, so I've never had that problem!. I have a small space in the back of the fridge for other products too!.

I hope this helps!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

call the verminator!. they'll be back!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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