What does a 30g serving of cereal look like...? ?!

Question: What does a 30g serving of cereal look like!.!.!.!? !?
!.!.!.I would just like to know as i've never really thought about it!.

My scales in my house are quite old, so they don't work properly, if anybody can tell me how i can get the right amount using other methods maybe tablespoons or a cup then that would be cool!.!.
Thank you!.!.[email protected]@Com

Different cereals have different densities!. A cup of one brand may weigh more than a cup of another brand!.

Some cookbooks and websites have volume/weight equivalence programs!. This info is based on the average density of an ingedient!. For example, a cup of lead pellets and cup of feathers both occupy 8 fl!. oz!. However, neither one will weigh 8 ounces on a scale!.

According to http://www!.gourmetsleuth!.com 30 grams of cheerios is about 3/4 cup!.

This is also from gourmet sleuth, just so you can see the differences in volume/weight:

500 grams of mini marshmallows= 10 cups
500 grams of flour = 4 cups
500 grams of sugar = 2!.5 cups[email protected]@Com

Well first off, grams are a measure of *weight*, not volume!. So different cereals will have different amounts, but they will all weigh the same!. This also means that if I give you a cup measurement for rice crispies, it would be completely wrong for shredded wheat!.
One way you could do this is to buy a box of whatever your favorite cereal is, and divide it into equal parts, one for each ounce on the box!. An ounce is 28!.3 grams, so it's pretty close to what you're looking for!.
Example; If the box is 1lb 2 ounces, it's equal to 18 ounces!. So dump the cereal on a table and divide it into 18 equal parts!. Done!.
This process is much easier the smaller the box is, but is still rather tiresome!. It would be simpler to go and get a new scale, and measure using that!. You might also have an easier time if you use one of the small "grab and go" breakfast bowls, because they are only two or three ounces each!.
Best of luck![email protected]@Com

It sort of depends on the cereal!.!.!.For example, 1 cups worth of cornflakes is 30g, whereas all bran, a cups worth is 60g, so you would have to be more specific about the cereal to accurately tell, but as a standard, 1 cup is usually 30g of flakes!.[email protected]@Com

Depends on the cereal, usually the serving size suggested tells you how much it is by volume as well as by weight!. Such as 1!.25 cups for Rice Crispies, or !.75 cups for Cheerio's!.[email protected]@Com

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