Why am i peeing a lot after i drank soda?!

Question: Why am i peeing a lot after i drank soda!?
i drank more than 2 glasses of soda at once and then i had to pee after a while!. first i peed a little bit, and then i peed a lot, and now i have to pee again!. and it just started now i stayed up all night[email protected]@Com

Yes, it is normal!. After drinking alot of fizzy pop your Urine will be yellow which means it is clearing out of your system after all of your soda!. When you need the toilet for a third time, its means your bladder is making sure it is fully clear and if it is!.!.!. you shouldn't need to go to the toilet for awhile and there is no need to worry!.[email protected]@Com

yeah- soda is a dieretic, meaning like coffee, it will not really hydrate you it just goes right through!. the color of your piss indicates how much water you need!. remember!.!.!.!.the darker the pee you need more water!. the ideal color is lemonade-but i dont reccomend that you drink your lemonade colored urine, it might taste like soda![email protected]@Com

Your urine is yellow b/c you need to drink more water to flush the toxic out of your body!. When it turns clear it means that you have drank enough fluids!. Go easy on the soda, and drink more water!.[email protected]@Com

Maybe you should get checked for diabetes!. Peeing a lot is a common symptom, especially after drinking sugary drinks!. [email protected]@Com

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