How much is 4 oz of turkey?!

Question: How much is 4 oz of turkey!?
how do i know how much 4 oz of turkey is!?[email protected]@Com

About the same size as a deck of cards, or the size of your palm!.[email protected]@Com

A 3 oz serving size of meat is considered to be the size of a deck of cards!. So, by visualizing a deck of cards plus a 1/3 of a deck, it should be possible to get an approximation of what 4 oz!. of turkey would look like!. [email protected]@Com

8 oz is a cup, it would fill a regular coffee mug!.
4 ounces would prolly be a small handful!. [email protected]@Com

About the size of your palm of your hand and the thickness of your little finger
[email protected]@Com

It would compare to the palm of you hand (minus the fingers)!.[email protected]@Com

1/4 pound[email protected]@Com

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