If a piece of bread has mold on it, is it still edible?!

Question: If a piece of bread has mold on it, is it still edible!?
I just made a killer sandwich and then realized there was a little white mold on the crust of the bread!. Will it hurt me if I eat it!? I'm starving![email protected]@Com

Pick the mold off!.
Ironically enough, it's possibly an antibiotic! But best to be safe!.

Only a couple of generations ago it was commonplace, even in the household (let alone at sea) to eat meat, milk and other food which was slightly off, moldy, or generally past its "best before" date!.
One thing refrigeration has done to modern western society is to make our stomachs feeble![email protected]@Com

Well, technically it's inedible as there'll be a lot more mould spores on the bread that you can't see yet!. In saying that though I have been known to lop off the mouldy bit and am still around!. Maybe lop of the bits you can see and then chuck it in a sandwich toaster or under the griller!?[email protected]@Com

You should never eat any type of mold because basically you don't know what type it is!. And when you pick it off or say slice mold off of cheese the tendrils of it go deep into the food!.
Plus it tastes nasty!.
If you were thinking well it is just penicillin you may in fact have a type that will may you sick!.

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if its just a little bit on the corner or something then just cut it of,
but if you do eat mold then obvasly its going to make you sick,

Answer my question Pleas!.
http://answers!.yahoo!.com/question/index;!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

well its kinda like cheese is it okay to eat moldy cheese, yea!. It won't kill you or anything, but it will probably taste horrible!. Just pick the mold off and you should be fine!.[email protected]@Com

bread is cool bc when it gets moldy you can just cut out the mold and eat the good part, its kinda like a bruised fruit!.

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That's just the mold you can see!.

Ditch the bread and just eat the fillings!.[email protected]@Com

pick it off, you will be fine!.

Generations of sailors have lived at sea for months eating wormy, rat infested, mouldy bread and gruel while dring nothing but grog!.[email protected]@Com

That small amount wont hurt you!. It's happened to me more than once!. Makes me pay more attention to the bread I'm about to use!. You'll be fine!.[email protected]@Com

Just cut off the mold, and eat it!.
(BTW, eat the sandwich, not the mold ? )[email protected]@Com

Cut the mould off and eat it,(the sandwich, not the mould) no problems[email protected]@Com

it won't kill you, but you might get sick and it won't taste too good!. cut it off if you want or just eat the meat[email protected]@Com

It is not edible!!!! SORRY !! It might cause something for your stomach!.[email protected]@Com

You are not STARVING,very hungry you may be, so cut of the mold and eat[email protected]@Com

Actually no it won't!. The bacteria will swarm towards the mold!.!.!.if you cut off the mold it should be okay!.
My history teacher told us :)[email protected]@Com

actually i wouldnt eat it, unless u want to have the penacilin!.[email protected]@Com

no it wont hurt you, just cut the mould off!.[email protected]@Com

though it is possible to eat!. i would not recomend it!. It might make you SICK! [email protected]@Com

answer me this: can u eat dirt and survive!? can u eat staples and survive!? yes!.!.!.!.i enjoy both[email protected]@Com

No, doubt could hurt you!.
Mold gets killed by stomach PH anyway!.[email protected]@Com

Nah - just pick it off and eat it!.[email protected]@Com

I love your question!. Just cut the moldy part off[email protected]@Com

It's just mould - think of it like a yakult (it's good for your gut!) !.!.!.!.or a mushroom[email protected]@Com

no!. It is bacteria it will make you sick[email protected]@Com

yea it will [email protected]@Com

yeah but you would get sick[email protected]@Com

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