What happens if you eat something moldy?!

Question: What happens if you eat something moldy!?
i accidentally ate a few slices of moldy cheese without knowing it until i noticed a little fuzz on the side!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.im really scared that something might happen [i know that is was really stupid of me to eat something and not check =_=] i need to know if something bad will happen or not or perhaps advice on what i should do!. please HELP![email protected]@Com

Calm down! It's alright! You won't die or get sick or anything! Cheese is already mold anyway (long story)!. Short version= cheese is aged milk!. Not old milk, aged milk!. Besides, if you wanna get sick, you would have to eat REALLY OLD cheese, and a LOT of it!. You didn't eat REALLY OLD cheese, and you only ate a few slices! It's alright!. And also, don't BELIEVE that your gonna get sick, that won't help you, it would just make you stay scared! Breath!.
Hope I helped!

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Nothing will happen!. If you think about it too much you could make yourself sick and throw up or have a tummy ache so don't think or worry about it!. [email protected]@Com

its probably ok i ate moldy cheese and i am fine!


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It probably won't hurt you!. Cheese IS mold after all!. You'd have to eat a lot of fuzzy cheese to get sick!.[email protected]@Com

You'll be fine, Blue Cheese is yummy and that is a moldy cheese!.!.[email protected]@Com

you might feel sick if you eat to much of it [email protected]@Com

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