What does human pee taste like?!

Question: What does human pee taste like!?
one of my friends said she likes to drink it!. i think she is crazy!. she has 7 sons all with the middle name germany and she is obbsessed with germany plus she says she likes drinkin human pee!. i asked her what it tasted like and she says like liquid heaven

anyone give me a real response[email protected]@Com

liquid heaven!. [email protected]@Com

Only you can insult her!? And you insult your own friend!? I don't think you like he rthat much- geez

OK, whydon't you ask her whta a dog's tastes like or a cow!?
Human pee- Has she tasted any others!?
And for you to come and ask about that it is quitye personal!. I don;t think she went and told tyhe whole world about this as it is probably and probably sexual -fantasy based and in most cases best kept to yourself!.

You already have in a suggestive way called her a freak, have a lil bit of respect for your friend[email protected]@Com

Salty!.!.!. Since it is filled with all the water soluble vitamins and minerals that the body can't absorbed!.

Urine is a sterile fluid!.!.!. There is NO HARM AT ALL in drinking human urine!.

I'm not saying it is a good thing (I just gagged a bit while typing this) but it isn't harmful!.!.!.

It means that she needs to go have some blood work done by her doctor so that they can pin point the vitamins and minerals she is lacking or that her body is not absorbing which leads to the craving for something as strange as urine!.

In the south, there are people that are lacking in minerals in their diet and so they actually crave a special kind of dirt there that is high in calcium!.!.!. It is apparently some strange, rare, stereotype about blacks that they eat dirt but it isn't a myth and it has nothing to do with your race, it is just that your body is missing something and your animal brain knows instinctually that it should crave strange things to make up that lack!.

I really hope this isn't deleted before I post it because what I am saying is 100% documented scientific fact!.

Strange cravings means that her body isn't getting something that it needs!.!.!.

Whatever the craving, it means she should go have some blood work done by her doctor to figure out what it is so that she can take a pill and not resort to drinking human urine!. (I just gagged again!.!.!.)
[email protected]@Com

I don't know what it tastes like!.!. and I doubt that I will ever get the pleasure of finding out!. *note sarcasm*

But I DO know that in the 1800's and before that, doctors used to test for Diabetes by taking a urine sample and TASTING it!. If it had a sweet taste, then the patient who gave the sample was a diabetic!.

Or, I guess you could do it yourself, or get a family member to do it and forgo the co-pay!. But still!.

I love technology!.!.[email protected]@Com

Want to find out!?
you can
a!.) drink it (I wouldn't recommend this you could redigest toxins and sometimes they can affect you the 2nd time through)
b!.) Don't drink anywater the night before after dinner!. In the morning don't drink water until you have to pee!.
Once you pee you lean real close to the toilet and sniff!. thats what it tastes like!. [email protected]@Com

I'm not sure what it tastes like but i'm assuming that all depends on wat the person drank !.!.etc!. I also know that in some countries it is not weird for people to drink urine, some use it for medical purposes!. But if i could try and pinpoint a taste, i would think it would have a bitter taste!? And you never know, your friend maybe teasing you!. Hope this helped!.[email protected]@Com

Your both freakin' nuts! You're just looking for insults w/ these weird questions!. If you want to know what it taste like, then taste it yourself!. If your a real friend and she likes Germany then figure it out yourself!. And if you think she's so weird, dump her!. Case closed!.[email protected]@Com

as a matter of fact
a lot of people drink there own pee
so that's quite guttered half the people commenting your question :)
1/3 of my mates have done it as they are in stunts crew

they say it tastes how it smells
but its a little bit bad for you (Y) [email protected]@Com

All I know is that it won't hurt you if you want to get the answer for yourself!. You can always spit it back out!. I imagine that it tastes similar to how it smells, since taste and smell are essentially the same sense!. [email protected]@Com

the pee drinking doesnt wonder me!.

the thing is she's 36 and she had 7 kids!. unless she start having kids at the age of 12!. OR she must have a very strong v!.a!.g!.i!.na!.
or may be u are a liar!.[email protected]@Com

Why would you want to know what it tastes like, and why are you still friends with a nut!?

Taste it yourself, and then you two can have tasting parties!.[email protected]@Com

I think it tastes like crazy!. My old counselor for summer camp used to drink their own pee!. I thought it was kinda weird!.
I bet it tastes like it smells, so make sure that you don't have asparagus![email protected]@Com

I guess if there was no water around and it was a matter of survival (some survivors of earthquakes drank their own pee) you could hold your nose because of the smell and drink it!.[email protected]@Com

I have never tasted it, but Urine Therapy has been around for a very long time!. Apparently, it has many health benefits!. Go figure!. :)[email protected]@Com

It's not good for you!!!
it's your waste products, and it's thrown out of you for a reason!.!.!. who cares what it tastes like!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

you can drink it up to 7 times 95% water 5% sterile its for wilderness survivial[email protected]@Com

well honestly i wouldn't know and wouldn't want to lol
but i'd imagine that it tasts like S*!.H!.i!.T
and haha yeah she sounds pretty weird alright!.!.!.
=P[email protected]@Com

Your friend is nasty!. I would be so grossed out!. I think my question would more likely be what the crap it wrong with my friend!.[email protected]@Com

ha ha liquid heaven lol!!

It tastes like when you throw up stomach bile (I used to drink it but eventually came to my senses!)

[email protected]@Com

!.!.!.thats disgusting!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

Extremely salty!.[email protected]@Com

You can always try it!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

That's gross!. It has some electrolytes in it so probably salty!. [email protected]@Com

it tastes like it smells , which is pretty nasty , i had to taste pee on a dare blahhhh yuck [email protected]@Com

Like it smells, she is crazy!. And gross!. You probably shouldn't talk to her anymore!.!.!.[email protected]@Com

I wouldn't be friends with this person, she obviously has issues[email protected]@Com

uh, pour yourself a cup and give it a try!. you know your "friend" is right!.[email protected]@Com

That is disgusting!. But if you really want to know then why don't you just taste it yourself!. Duh!.[email protected]@Com

Ask the author in Misery!.

Oh wait, he doesn't exist!.[email protected]@Com

i dunno!. but i know someone who pissed in a dog bowl, then drank it!.!.!. and then did it again!.

she puked[email protected]@Com

Lemonade ![email protected]@Com

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