How long are the expiration dates on chewing tobacco?!

Question: How long are the expiration dates on chewing tobacco!?
I found a couple containers of chewing tobacco in my husband's truck with a June '08 date on them!.!.!.!.

how long does it usually last!?!? according to him, he quit doing stuff like that right before we met, febuary of '07!.!.!.!. is that too long for those to have been sitting in his truck!?!?[email protected]@Com

Yes he is still dipping that nasty crap behind your back , that is the most disgusting habit!. 2/3 months in the summer in a hot truck that stuff would be like dust!. and it had to be made in june the date on the can is not the expiration date it is the MANUFACTURE date!. he is not being honest with you
!.[email protected]@Com

I'm going to make a guess and say they probably have really long expiry dates, so give him the benefit of the doubt!. Now if it were another woman's panties you found, I'd be worried but it's not so it's pretty minor!. :-)[email protected]@Com

Lizzie, are you kidding me!? Don't you kiss the man!? Chewing is not something easily hidden!.[email protected]@Com

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